Naughty Boy – Never Been The Same Lyrics (feat. Thabo)

[Verse 1]
Who would’ve thought? See, I never would have guessed
Like pieces of a puzzle that we would click together
Never was a question of what I had, no
But instead you made me ask myself who I am

What’s hot in a cold world? Who cares?
And even if they never followed us, who cares?
Was it just a fashion fad? But you were my style
When everyone else looked the same you raised eyebrows, style

And ever since I haven’t been the same
And ever since I haven’t been the same

[Verse 2]
It’s a shame we fell apart, we could’ve been more amazing
Crashed after we discovered our very own lane
You rubbed off on me in ways I can’t erase
And I, I wouldn’t have it any other way


[Chorus x2]

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