Sick Animation – This Is What We Call Hip Hop Lyrics

A lot of people ask me, man
They say, where does hip hop live?
Is it Brooklyn?
Is it Oakland?
Is it New Y-
It, it ain’t a place, man
Hip hop lives inside of the people who are hip hop
So then you say
What is hip hop?
Hip hop is
It’s like
Like rap
Like, like rap music

This is what we call hip hop (hip hop, hip hop)
Hip hop music, island music

Had to flash my piece

Last week
To the Atlanta police (freeze)
Homeboy, please
I’m so hungry
Gonna grab something to eat

Next chapter, turn the page

Please set my dick on fire
I don’t wanna f*ck no more (no more)
Too many people getting hurt

Return my dick to the Earth
I don’t wanna use it no more (burn it up)
Too many people getting hurt

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