Soul Demise – Trapped In A Body Lyrics

All over sudden something was extremely wrong
The “system” went down with a supersonic bang
Due to unknown reasons far beyond control
A reliable mechanism refused to work
Much to soon it turned out as a fatal mistake
To believe in human technology nonetheless a fake

No dignity at all – regarded by physicians like a thing
No dignity at all – nothing to loose yet enough to win
Trapped in a body – when mind and flesh divide
Trapped in a body – imprisoned soul inside

The mortal shell rejected working and isolated your mind

Meant no further communication – a unreal form of life
Yet you could still feel the presence of the ones you love
Accompanying you during the time

And then you were certain that it’s half as difficult to go
For feeling deep emotions streaming between your souls
Since your family was near, close to you, right by your side
They filled your heart with power and calmed your mind
Memories keep you alive preserved in the hearts of your beloved
Finally you found salvation in your paradise above

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