Yung Skrrt – M.A.C. Lyrics

I got Money Always Comin
No more stumblin, only runnin
I got money always comin
Runnin up the function, 24/7
Betcha I got money comin in
Got the magic carpet Aladdin
Hop on we can take it for a spin
Watch the city lighting in the wind
Got money always comin
Runnin up the function 24/7

Rack up for my baby so she can go floss
When she come around I won’t she won’t have any flaw
Smoke an 8th a day ya u know i got all the gas
Syphon that for my new whip ye i ride out and crash
I f*cked up the whole thang
RIdin with the rockets that go bang
If you got a wish for a toe tag
Then I can pull up *pop pop* and go back
Ridin to my house but i dont got one im livin like a nomad
Ridin cross the country with no plans it work itself out i hope that…

Money always comin
You can’t stop me runnin
I be onto somethin
Flowin like a faucet
Living an agnostic
I dont got no god but you can come along now


I stay loaded u can chec the bank
I play my way to the top of the game
I got some gold on the frame
Try to wrong me you insane
Play the wrong way you in pain
Ocular be the beat mane
Gettin beats all over the world
Shawty gimme a twirl
I do my best and now thats fundamental
Comin with the hardest of hard
And im the ballest to ball
I get the rax so i ain’t get no rental
Got another pickup at 2:30
Man i get annoyed when that shit early
Got m.a.c

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