Yung Skrrt – Yung Skrrt Lyrics

[Yung Skrrt – “A Feeling”]
(What’s what when you got a feeling, try-)

Nah, not that

[Yung Skrrt – “Way I Like”]
(Hey, I like, the way, you might
Invade, my life, and ta-)

[Yung Skrrt – “Purple Coffin]
(-in’t stoppin til i’m in a coffin
Wait, or til im in a Maserati
I’m the Samuel L-)

Woah, hah

[Yung Skrrt – “Roadrunna”]
(fallin, on time to you, and writin you)

Hm !

[Yung Skrrt – “Holy Ocean”]
(-oly ocean, in this holy ocean i-)

Nah, nah nah, not that one

[Yung Skrrt – “Finally in Love”]
(but Finally im in love)

Ok ok yeah, that one
Yeah, yeah

Dumbass Genius, baby

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