A Million Dead Birds Laughing – Oracle Lyrics

Who said it would take so many heathens to make a candle?
Just so they could see the flame make it way down a severed spine
Be terror with a razor implanted sideways in that split
Terror wrist
And just wait until you see the darkness under the diamond
Invent an island and see whether it sinks or floats on a bed of fire
Isolate the waves and be remade into anothers saviour

Death is impenetrable poison sewn onto the inside of the eyeball
Now that’s incentive

I’ve always been excited at why so many humans can be contaminated by another’s nightmare

Is that still providence or is the bitch just industry
Bleet bleet
The sheep sleep peacefully in their character corrective pasture, solemnly blamed but still honoured with and without my knowledge

Now wasn’t that a simple symbolic gesture of sanity?

They’re all innocent and lame
But when they summon the snake all their heads will be taken
Exiled by violence
The aliens reanimate their kings

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