Lance Bangs – Let It Grow Lyrics

Put it on my life
I never knew the difference
Took a spill on my bike
My tooth chipped on the pavement
Dreaming of rivers
My body drowning in it
They’ll never find my clothes
Cadaver dogs r snifffing

(and u tried to tell me
And you let it grow)

I can’t keep this up
I feel like something else
I can’t tell if you want
Me or someone else

I am afraid of trying
But you aren’t
We took our clothes off
But still feel so hot

Right where we fell off
Picked up and brushed the dust off
You never tell me when i’m wrong
This glass, a windshield
Our plans, a cold meal
I guess they both are falling thru

(and u tried to tell me
And you let it go)

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